Brickhaven Labradoodles



If you would like Information about adopting a rescue Labradoodle, Please visit the International Doodle Owners Group at or Doodle Collective at These are both reputable rescue groups that have a known reputation for helping Doodles in need.

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​I have had the great honor and joy to work with the pups from Brickhaven over the past several years. Her dogs are among the smartest, and most affectionate dogs I have worked with. The care and selection in the breeding process has consistently produced some of the sweetest dogs and fun dogs. In my 15 years of training, teaching and writing about dogs and canine behavior I am honored to work with Jamie. When I am referred to a new client who has made the decision to bring one of her pups into their home, I am delighted as I know I am working with a smart, healthy and loving pup.

Laura Boro
CHES, CBC, ABCDTL-2, CGC Evaluator, APDT Member Good Dog Walkin'