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Here at Brickhaven Labradoodles,
We are often asked, what is the best food to feed our new puppy or dog?

We have always shied away from big box commercial pet food brands, preferring homegrown and reliable businesses that care about the product they are putting out, and the beloved pets that are consuming it. Too often the commercial brand “big box store” end up outsourcing and cheapening their ingredients (especially the types of protein– replacing them with legumes which are not species-appropriate for canines) to increase the bottom line. We have to worry about fillers, GMO’s, phytoestrogens and animal by- products. And then of course there are new recalls and reports of contamination on an almost daily basis. We do not take this lightly and  have spent countless hour researching the highest quality foods for our dogs and speaking with the leading Veterinarians and Specialists on this topic and what ratios are the most beneficial for the health and vitality of our dogs.

*The brand you feed your dog is the most important decision you can make as a pet parent. Because your dog eats the same food every day, it’s his primary source of nutrition. And a superior dog food can help to foster a solid nutritional foundation, which can help sustain your dog over a long and healthy lifetime. As the founder and Breeder here at Brickhaven Labradoodles, I had to make a critical choice in foods, when considering the specific dietary needs of our breed. With all this in mind, I have chosen Life’s Abundance dog Food for all of our puppies and dogs! Knowing that what goes into your pet’s body, is at the core of their overall health and as part of our commitment to you and your dog, we want to provide the safest and most innovative nutritional formulas for a better life! We are happy to say, Life's Abundance pet product line was formulated by Veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks, a holistic vet for over 20 years!

We feed our dogs and are raising our puppies on Life’s Abundance “All Life Stages” Dog Food, which is holistically balanced and provides the nutritional harmony that’s important to help your canine achieve and maintain optimal health.
The Life’s Abundance All Life Stage dog food recipe contains only the finest ingredients, like ...
• A proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals -These key ingredients, support your dog’s overall immune system.
• High-quality protein from chicken meal & fish meal, for strong muscles

• An antioxidant system including vitamins C & E
• Prebiotic fiber & Probiotics - guaranteed live pre and probiotics that aid in your  dog’s overall gut health and digestion (many foods that tout probiotics are found to be “dead on arrival” and have no chance to even benefit your pet).
• A selection of nutritious vegetables
• Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin & a shiny coat
• Calcium & phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones, in the ratio’s Large   breed dogs need to avoid Hip and Joint issues.
• Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

To be the best dry dog food, this premium kibble contains ...
• No artificial flavors or colors
 When you buy this Life’s Abundance dog food,
 your sweet pup will benefit from their strict inventory controls
 and product safety considerations that are second-to-none.

While the top five ingredients of a given dog food provide the consumer with insight into the nutritional priorities of a pet food maker, they don’t tell the whole story. Every ingredient plays a critical part, but the secret to superior pet food lies in the formula itself – not only in the ingredients, but also in the proportions of those ingredients to one another.
The significance of the ratios cannot be understated! Life’s Abundance long-time pet food formulator, Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks, stresses the importance of synergism, or the interaction of ingredients, because the proper proportions help to maximize the nutritional impact of a formula. As with any recipe, if you use the wrong ratios, you will get very different results.

*With quality ingredients working synergistically with one another, you can be certain that you’re providing the very best for your companion animal.

As well, even though the quality and variety of ingredients provide insight to the strength of a food’s formula, they shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing the right food for your dog. In fact, the process by which the food is made is equally vital. Life’s Abundance premium dry health food is prepared by a family-owned, third-generation pet food maker, where creating a high quality food is not only a priority and a family tradition, it’s an art form. Batches of food are produced in limited runs on a weekly basis, minimizing periods of storage and enabling them to deliver the freshest-possible product direct to your front door.

**Please Note, Growth foods are not recommended for large breeds, as they can lend themselves to overgrowth and contribute to joint problems (specifically hips). Life’s Abundance Protein levels are suitable for our puppies or adult dogs. This food will not give your pup runny stool like many high protein puppy foods. We feed a food that is an All-Life Stage formula and will be just fine for the growth of your puppy up through adulthood.

Your dog will come home with a small bag of L.A’s food in his/her puppy go home bag at the time of pickup! This food is only available through Breeders and Veterinarians and not offered in retail stores. We are proud to have become a Life's Abundance Field Representative, so that we can offer our clients and your pet this wonderful food for a lifetime! For your convenience, you can order directly at the bottom of this page or via our Brickhaven Labradoodles Puppy Store page! We are excited to be able to offer you an AutoShip option for your food as well, at a Discounted price! This way you don’t have to worry about running out of food or planning a week ahead to place an order. (You can decide what timeframe works best for your dogs needs)


We ask that you keep your puppy on this food to provide a smooth transition to their new surroundings, as he/she has been on this food at our home prior to leaving to his/her new forever home. Changing foods can cause abdominal, intestinal, and emotional stress. Please respect this!!!

Put your Brickhaven Labradoodle on the path to wellness. Provide them with a recipe for a long and happy life!

**NOTE   If you do decide you want to change dog food brands in the future, it is Imperative that you do so very slowly over a month long period. Mixing small amounts of the new food brand into the Life’s Abundance food being fed. Switching food brands quickly will cause digestion issues and illness!

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