A special thank you to Kelly Lorton for your friendship and mentoring. You have helped us in so many ways and are always there with unending knowledge and encouragement. You and your family are a true blessing!

The Brickner Family

Jamie has always been involved in the training and care of animals. From growing up on a Thoroughbred Horse Ranch and showing horses and dogs, to 10 years as a Veterinary Technician in an Animal Hospital.

about Us


Is a small family breeder of Australian Labradoodles in Washington State.  I am Jamie Brickner, Owner/ Breeder here at Brickhaven Labradoodles. We live in a small family-oriented community in Liberty Lake Washington, with our children and our Labradoodles! Our home is nestled on 10 acres between the lake and mountains! Our Labradoodles are cherished family members! They live in our home, sleep in our rooms, and accompany us just about every were. From walkes to the Farmers Market, swimming in the lake, to family road trips and vacations, they are true family members!



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Brickhaven Labradoodles

Brickhaven Labradoodles

is a registered LLC and licensed to do business in the state of Washington. We are proud Members of  the Australian Labradoodle Association of America, and hold both Silver and Gold Paw standings. All of our breeding dogs are tested above and beyond the minimum requirements of the association. We only breed dogs that are physically and temperamentally sound. Both parent dogs will be tested for the following:

*Appropriate hip clearances by PennHip method, OFA, or Wallace independent review

*OFA Elbows

*OFA Patellas

*OFA Eye 

*praPRCD clearance

*vWD clearance

*DNA Profiling 





Most of our dogs will also have completed additional testing, such as:

​*OFA Thyroid panel 

*Full CBC/CHEM Panel

We believe in the accountability of all breeders to promote and protect the Australian Labradoodle breed. We are proud to belong to an association that has a strong code of ethics, maintains breed standards and membership requirements to protect the welfare of the Australian Labradoodle breed.