We Feed All Our Puppies and Adult Dogs 


Natural & Delicious Pumpkin Formula's 

This is a premium all life stages dog food!!!!!

​It is also a rotational formula dog food, which means you can switch up your dogs protein source and give them the variety they crave, without causing digestive upset!

Your Brickhaven Puppy will come home with a starter bag of

Natural & Delicious Pumpkin Formula

Chicken and Pomegranate


~Other Flavors available~

Lamb and Blueberry

Codfish and Orange

​Boar and Apple


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Brickhaven Labradoodles


​We have offered some of the products we use here at Brickhaven Labradoodles and recommend to our puppy families! You will find a few options for each type of product. Everything your puppy needs for a great start!!!!


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