Travel For Your Puppy

We do prefer that you pick up your puppy in person or we can meet you for delivery at Spokane Air Port. 

Please note: 

We do not ship our puppies cargo. You must contact your chosen airline to make in cabin flight arrangements for your 8-9 week old puppy.

Please let us know your flight itinerary as we will need to have our Veterinarian provide a Health Certificate for your puppy to fly.

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Brickhaven Labradoodles


We take great pride in our beloved puppies! Our goal is to provide them the best possible forever home with committed families. My role as a breeder is to guide you in the proper selection of dog for your family. All of our puppies are adorable and loving, but they will each have their own temperaments and personalities that will make them suitable for different families and environments. Labradoodles are a breed that are devoted to their owner! This means they want to be with you! Whether it's outside activities, laying by your feet in the house or following you every were you go, they love to be by your side. If you are looking for a dog to be outside most of the time, away from the family, this is not the breed for you. Please keep this in mind in your decision to add one of our puppies to your family. Adopting a dog is a 12-15 year commitment. Your puppy will require love and attention, a financial commitment, and training to be the best canine citizen they can be. This starts here with me as the breeder and will continue with you as the owner. With proper love and training your new puppy will be a well balanced, delightful and loving addition to your family! ​

As of 2021

Our Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are $3,300


The following questions are to assure us as the breeder, that we are selecting the best homes for our Australian Labradoodle puppies and that we are making the best match possible for our puppy owners, taking into consideration owners lifestyle and preferences. If you have additional information that may assist us in choosing a puppy that will complement your family, please add it to the comments section below, this would include Specialty Training and Service Training.

Thank You!!!


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