BRICKHAVEN LABRADOODLES is always looking  for responsible families in our area to become guardians for our loving dogs. Our guardian program is designed to benefit everyone involved, the puppy, the guardian family, and us as the Australian Labradoodle breeder. Being a guardian is providing a loving home for one of our Brickhaven's breeding dogs or potential breeder puppies and becoming part of our extended Brickhaven family. Brickhaven Labradoodles retains ownership of the guardian dog, but the dog lives with you as your family member! Dogs in guardian homes must return to us at our home for health testing, breeding and whelping of the puppies for a contracted number of Litters. This gives our breeding dogs a stable loving home and family in between breeding's and they get to retire with their forever family when they have fulfilled their breeding requirements. The guardian pays an adoption fee of $1.000.00 and is responsible for all the Veterinary and general care costs of owning a dog, this is to include socialization and obedience classes. Brickhaven will pay all expenses that pertain to health testing, breeding and whelping puppies. We will also pay retirement fee of breeding dog S/N.


* As a Guardian you will receive the "pick of the litter" puppy/or dog chosen by Brickhaven Labradoodles.. Breed quality puppies show all the exceptional traits to further the Australian Labradoodle breed.

* As a Guardian you will receive a Fully Health Tested dog, held to the highest standards of the ALAA.

* As a Guardian you will be an Ambassador in the community for Brickhaven Labradoodles.

* As a Guardian family you are providing a breeding dog a Loving Family For Life!

* Brickhaven's will pay for the cost of Spay or Neuter when the dog is retired from the breeding program.

* As a Guardian you will have become a part of our extended family!


* As a Guardian you must live within 1 hour of  Liberty Lake, Washington. Or be willing to drive the guardian dog to us.

* You must own your own home.

* Have a fully secure fenced yard.

* Have a flexible work schedule, work from home, have the ability to take the dog to work with you, or only leave the dog alone for no longer than 4 hours at a time.

* Feed only Life's Abundance "all life stages" dog food or another high quality dog food of Brickhaven Labradoodles choice.

* Guardians MUST enroll in and complete a Socialization/Obedience course with the dog, and insure the Puppy/dog is properly socialized throughout its life.

* Agree to all annual Veterinary care and vaccinations, proper grooming requirements and nutrition outlined by Brickhaven Labradoodles.

*All medications, including flea/ tick and heart worm preventatives must be approved by Brickhaven Labradoodles.

*All medical procedures must be approved by Brickhaven Labradoodles.

*All guardian dogs must be groomed in accordance with grooming guidelines of Brickhaven Labradoodles. Guardian dogs must be groomed by Brickhaven Labradoodles chosen groomer.

* Notify us Immediately when dog is in heat.

* Keep all female dogs away form intact males and secure at all times.

* Keep all male dogs away form intact females and secure at all times.

* Willingness to return the dog to us for health testing, breeding and whelping of puppies. This can be for a few days to up to 9 weeks.

* Have an open line of communication with the breeder about the dogs health, growth and condition at all times.

guardian program

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